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April 26, 2015

Stream Projects: Here is the current schedule for upcoming stream projects over the next several weeks. All will be plantings. Lunch will be provided only at the May 9 planting, so please be sure to let me, Chuck Godfrey, know at if you will be attending that one. This will enable us to have a rough idea of how much food to have for lunch; but feel free to come even if you haven’t contacted me in advance. Also please let me know if you will be coming to any of the other plantings just so we’ll have an idea of how many people will be there. Those should only take the morning to complete. In addition to these, we will be planting trees on Spring Brook in Springville, but the number of trees and exact sites have yet to be determined. I will let everyone on my volunteer list know as soon as I find out.

Thursday, April 30: Planting at the Teelak property on Mansfield Creek (map). We will only have 25 trees and will probably have sufficient help from DEC; but if anyone is interested in helping and seeing how the project has fared, let me know. Directions are attached, but time has not yet been set. (See below Re Editor’s Note.)

Tuesday, May 5 (rain date of May 7): Planting on Cattaraugus Creek. Meet at 9:30. Map is attached to this email. The address is 8 Sherman Drive. It is at the dead end turn around at the end of the street. The street is reached by going east through Arcade, then continuing on Rt. 39, east out of town after Rt 98 turns north and crosses the creek. Looks like Sherman Drive is about 1/3 mile to ½ mile east of Rt. 98 north intersection. Meet at 9:30. We should only need a couple of people.

Saturday, May 9: Extensive planting on Wiscoy Creek. We will definitely need help for this one. Meet at the DEC parking area on the Catch and Release section of the Wiscoy on Rt. 39, between Rt. 362 and Hillside Rd. on the attached map. Ignore the designated “project location” label on the map. I’m reusing an old map. We will meet at 9:30 and plant there and at another site or two. We will have quite a few trees from the DEC nursery and also some 50 elms.

Editor’s Note: Chuck’s maps are included as attachments to this newsletter unless you have requested no attachments or announcements. If you are in the latter group and would like to receive Chuck’s maps, please so email me.



Click here to see the North Branch Wiscoy Creek habitat project summary report.


On Sunday April 28, 2013, the WNYTU chapter will conduct a planting of trees and live stakes in Wyoming County. Please meet at 9:30 a.m. First we will be planting some bare root seedlings, black willow live stakes, and elm trees on areas of the Catch and Release section of Wiscoy Creek downstream of Hillside Rd. We will meet at the DEC parking site at the upstream end of the section. This is just east of Rt. 372 on Rt. 39. We will mostly need to park on the road shoulder, as this parking area is rather small, so please be very careful. We will be planting these trees in areas which would benefit from some large shade trees in the future. Then we will proceed to the North Branch of Wiscoy Creek to our 2011 project site on Rt. 372 to do the same type of plantings. All plantings will be protected with tree tubes and stakes, and since there are 250 trees to plant, we can use as much help as possible. I anticipate that we will probably need to work both in the morning and the afternoon, but anyone is welcome to come for as long or short a period of time as they can make it. Hip boots would probably be a good idea, as we will probably need to cross the creeks at both sites, but neither creek is very deep where we’ll be working. We will supply lunch as usual on our projects. We’ll have several different types of breads and cold cuts for sandwiches, condiments, chips, and probably cookies. I people plan on attending, could you please let Chuck Godfrey know – if you can’t let me know, its okay – as we want to be sure to have enough food to feed everyone. We generally plan on doing this rain or shine, but if there were truly awful weather we might have to postpone. My cellphone number is 440-6995 if anyone needs to check that morning or anytime the previous day. Contact me if anyone needs directions to either site. My email is Hope to see you there.

Chuck Godfrey





Here are links to two articles about the project from the Arcade Herald and TROUT Magazine.



Message from Scott Cornett:


Hello all,
      Thank you to everyone who was able to help with the LUNKER building project on the 18th and again today!  Another great turnout allowed us to finish before lunch and hopefully those that did some fishing afterward caught some nice ones. Chuck will eventually add up the final score, but a quick look at the numbers for both days combined, showed volunteers put in approximately 116 hours between the two days.   All the structures are now finished and ready to be moved to the stream site later next week.
  This project could not have gotten done without your efforts!



Hi everyone,


This summer we will be embarking on probably our perhaps our most ambitious project yet. We will be working with the USFWS, Wyoming County SWCD, and Region 9 DEC Fisheries to construct “lunkers” to be put into the North Branch of the Wiscoy in order to enhance the habitat for adult trout. I’m really excited about this .Ray Li and Marie Schrecengostof the FWS, Greg McKurthof SWCD, and Scott Cornett have been busy designing the project since last year, to be modeled after similar highly successful projects in the “Driftless Region” of the Midwest. They also managed to put together a great grant application which will pay for the project. We will need to have a lot of volunteer help on this, as we wish to construct enough of the “lunkers” to create overhead habitat in 18 places on the creek, and each of the structures will need multiple “lunkers” constructed. I’d like to be able to have a 15 or20 person crew to construct these in an assembly line manner, as the more people we have, the quicker we can get them built. I have one picture from Wisconsin which shows at least 22 people working constructing them at once .I have several documents which anyone can view if they like which show how the “lunkers” work, how they are constructed, the reasoning behind the project, etc. If you email me I’d be glad to email them to you. They’re really interesting and well worth looking at.

We’ll be starting the project this spring with a planting of many, many trees in spots along the creek in sections that will not have machinery installing “lunkers” later in the summer. Right now we’re tentatively planning to plant on Saturday, May 7th, and if we don’t get finished that day we’ll either schedule another day that week or more likely work again on Saturday, May 14.

Remember; get in touch with me if you wish to view any of the documents or pictures pertaining to the project.


Thanks advance for your help,

Chuck Godfrey



To see project pics click here.


Read the 2010 Electrofishing Report for Volunteers Summary here.


Read the 2010 Genesee River Diary Program Summary here.


Read the Blue River 2010 Project Report here.


Read the Wiscoy Creek Revetment Project 2005-2006 report here.


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